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A WoW player who successfully reached level 50 without departing the starting area shared

In World of Warcraft, players unique challenges happy times. Because although you can reach level 60 within a few hours, the Reddit user TheSlapperfish made it his goal to bring a goblin hunter to the maximum level without ever leaving the starting area. This is not only associated with a lot of effort, but also brings with it some hurdles.

Nobb the Goblin has yet to venture away from Kezan, the island home for goblins in the fantasy game. Instead, they’ve been grinding away on the creatures and encounters that exist there, gradually building towards the big 5-0. It started with tunneling worms, a good 5,000 of those to reach level 20, then another 10 from the banked experience you’re allowed without subbing.

The Slapperfish, the Reddit user who successfully reached level 50 without departing the starting area shared that the character that he used to finish his feat is Nobb, the Goblin, PCGamesN reported on Monday, Mar. 22.

To his account, hitting level 50 all with the hardships along the way seems to be impossible. If not, this is the task that many consider tedious and it will take patience and a long time to achieve that.

No one has accomplished such a feat on Azeroth. Reddit user TheSlapperfish has achieved this curious milestone with his goblin Nobb. To get this, has divided its procedure into two phases. During the first one, until reaching level 30, he dedicated himself to annihilating more than 5,000 Tunnel Worms. After that, he jumped into pet / mount battles to get the next 20 levels. He has already reached level 50, but now he is asking for methods to reach level 60. With his current method, it would take him a month and a half to reach level 51.

Special achievements in WoW
Other players have tackled similar challenges in the past. The most famous player should probably be the pacifist Pandaren Monk Double Agent, rising only by herbalism and mining stages:

 The so-called "world firsts", which is the world's first player to be in something is always a popular race at any new extension and every content patch. At the start of Shadowlands, however, the race was decided in just 3 hours when the first player reached level 60.

Talking to WoWhead, the owner has put out a plea for anyone who might know how to get to level 60 without taking eons. Current pace means it’ll take several weeks to reach level 51. “If anyone knows another way to gain XP on alts where mining and herbalism aren’t possible,” They said, “feel free to share it with me so I can expedite the process a bit more, that’d be great.” You can find them on Reddit.

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