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FIFA Mobile Remains Supported on Android and iOS

FIFA Mobile soccer game features several elements of the "primo-rich" FIFA 19, as its own Ultimate Team mode. In it, we can assemble a cast with cards that represent the players to face the challenges and great clubs of the world sport. In this new season, there was the inclusion of chemistry, element that strengthens the team if the athletes have characteristics in common. In other game modes, highlight Head to Head, in which we face other players and minigames that help us strengthen the fundamentals. All controls in the game are made by tapping the screen.

The game itself is pretty well-made, as players have no major complaints about it. In fact, most of the players are quite satisfied with how the game looks and works. So, we're sure a couple of thousand active players on Windows Mobile will be disappointed by EA's decision. FIFA Mobile remains supported on Android and iOS.

This new campaign mode will revolve around different scenarios around the world. It will allow us therefore to select which campaign we want to do, each one will have its difficulty, and the final prize will be to obtain both coins, experience points and players. It is a simple game mode, that is, we will not compete against other users, which makes it easier to do it over time, something that will undoubtedly come well because the campaigns seem to be long. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe FIFA Mobile Coins For Sale.

When it comes down to gameplay, well, it lacks finesse. The artificial intelligence at times just seems to do things that are not best for the team. We should also mention that when the joystick is on the screen, controlling the players is not a complicated affair. However, take your fingers away from the screen for too long, and the whole game automatically plays itself. This can be a problem seeing as the AI is not smart, and will take individual paths that are against what you're trying to achieve.

And is that the templates have been updated to this season, as well as all the visual aspects, with new equipment and improvements in certain players to bring their virtual appearance to real. Still FIFA Mobile's App Store or download it for free via Google Play. The size of the game in the store is approximately 98MB. In addition, the game also supports the Turkish language support. If you wish, you can have a strong team by purchasing FIFA Points for real money in the game.

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