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It turns out that Chromie from World of Warcraft is a transgender character

After years of speculation, World of Warcraft finally confirmed that one of the oldest non-playable characters in the game is transgender in what can only be described as a huge win for diversity and inclusion.

In Skin Choice Day, written by Steve Denuser, dragons discuss an important event for them - choosing a "mortal" guise in which they will be known in Azeroth. Each dragon has an alternative guise, and, as it turned out, they are very sensitive to their transformations. A dragon named Chronormu decided to choose a female dwarf as his avatar, as he considered that such an appearance suits him.


“Pronoun usage through the course of the story was done deliberately. I encourage reading the story as a whole rather than just excerpts,” Danuser tweeted. “Prior to the Visage Day ceremony, Chronormu is he/him. Afterwards, she/her in both mortal and dragon forms.” In the lore, Visage Day is the ceremony where bronze dragons choose their mortal forms, placing this story somewhere before the events of World of Warcraft. Another trans character, Pelagos, was added in Shadowlands, the most recent expansion, and Blizzard used that opportunity to discuss diversity as an ongoing goal in the MMORPG game. “We’re super happy, but I would definitely see Shadowlands as a step on this journey, not a destination,” Johnny cash, lead quest designer, said last year.

It is worth mentioning that the "masculine" ending of the name Chronormu has long attracted the attention of players. And now it's officially recognized: The lead story designer has admitted that Chromie has changed gender for her mortal form.

“The pronoun was used intentionally throughout history. I encourage you to read the story as a whole and not just as an extract, "said Danoser.

“Before the celebration of the Day of Life, Chronormu is him / her. After that, she is in the form of a human and a dragon. "

Before the ceremony, Chronorm was addressed through "he", after which the pronoun was changed to "she". Danuser confirmed that this was done on purpose.

Chromie has been in World of Warcraft almost since the beginning, added in patch 1.2 back in late 2004, before the fantasy game had even launched in Europe. She’s appeared across all the major expansions, hosting timewalking quests in Shadowlands.

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