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League of Legends is finally coming to mobile and console gamers

League of Legends is finally coming to mobile and console gamers. The new streamlined version of the popular MOBA will come to Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS in 2020. However, at least right out of the gate, Wild Rift won't feature all 145 champions currently playable in the PC version of League of Legends. Currently, 22 champions have been confirmed for the game.

Riot haven't revealed a specific reason for this or the specific number of champions the mobile game will boast at launch but, if nothing else, a reduced pool of available characters in the game should make the meta a little bit more accessible to newcomers.

Chinese gamers were able to compile a list of all the champions while testing the game. An image of all the champions that has surfaced online has been put together by going through all the files in the beta version to check the names of the champions. An analysis of the picture based on all the announcements and leaks on YouTube reveals the champions that will be available on the game on release. If you want to buy LOL WR Accounts, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

The game will be a free-to-play 5v5 MOBA. It was built from scratch for the mobile platform, and the game time has been reduced to 20 minutes, Express reported. When the developers announced “League of Legends Mobile: Wild Rift” last month, they emphasized that it is not a direct port of the PC. The game does, however, share similarities to the PC version when it comes to the 5v5 MOBA gameplay, Daily Star reported.

While League of Legends boasts a roster of more than 140 characters, Wild Rift is aiming to launch with only 40. While the developers enjoy the nod to the original’s launch roster, the reality is that some champions aren’t much fun to play on mobile, and as such aren’t likely to ever be brought over - although brand-new alternatives could arrive in their place. For now, some champions are getting their own tweaks - Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow can now be aimed by dragging manually across the screen, while Vayne’s Silver Bolts will offer an activatable attack speed boost on top of its current effect.

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