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Lineage 2 will be simultaneously available on Google Android and Apple iOS devices

NCSOFT’s mobile game “Lineage 2M” announced that it will open role reservations, blood alliance creation, and early access to mini games on February 25. It also announced an online press conference on that day.

According to the official, “Lineage 2M” inherits the characteristics of the well-known online game “Paradise 2”, combined with original story plots, and is innovative and optimized for smartphone platforms, presenting detailed 3D with the highest level of 4K picture quality in mobile games The game screen, and at the same time, a large open world with seamless downloads is achieved by new technology, and the advance reservation has set a million appointments as soon as it is released.

With much anticipation, the MMORPG Lineage 2M, adapted from Lineage 2, was launched in Korea in 2019. Lineage 2M not only set a record for the highest pre-registering account in South Korea, but it also reached 7 million logins in just 57 days; exceeds $152 million in revenue in less than 3 months, becoming the highest revenue mobile game in South Korea. Lineage 2M is also the highest revenue game from the Lineage series.

The mobile version of the mega-hit game Lineage 2 will be simultaneously available on Google's Android and Apple's iOS devices in the two Asian countries, the company said.Lineage 2M, which integrates NCSOFT's technology and expertise built over the past 20 years, features full 3D graphics and 4K UHD resolution.

Officials pointed out that the “Lineage 2 M” pre-login and dual-platform appointments are ongoing. As long as you participate in the appointment, you can get exclusive rewards after the game is launched. NCSOFT stated that it is currently preparing for the launch of “Lineage 2 M”.

Regardless, I’m excited to get in-game one day and play this in a world that looks as good as Blade & Soul Remastered is going to look. Like Crimson Desert looks. That will be the day the Lineage franchise makes its comeback.

Lineage 2M Adena, as the main currency in the game, plays an important role in gaining a better experience. As other MMORPG games, the more items you have, the greater chances you will win. Are you lack of enough Lineage 2M Diamonds? If you have no idea where to get the cheapest Lineage 2M Diamonds, will help you enjoy more in-game content in a better way.

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