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Overall, Outriders is a fun shooter with a compelling sci-fi story

It’s been about 10 years since People Can Fly released its last original game, Bulletstorm. Since then, the company co-developed a Gears of War game and parts of Fortnite. As such, I was looking forward to seeing what the studio had to offer in Outriders. The result is a surprisingly long and entertaining cover-based, third-person shooter (TPS) with some dated design choices and a host of technical issues. People looking to blast enemies to bits with friends will find a lot to like, but there are some things that’ll scare folks off.

Outriders combines the mechanics of a third-person action shooter with deep RPG elements, which allows for both the customization of the player character and the possibility of following different strategies while approaching danger. This adds a lot to replayability to Outriders, especially since the game can be played either solo or as a cooperative experience for up to three players. People Can Fly, the studio behind Outriders, already declared this is the core idea behind the game, and since the release of their demo, they are working to improve the game based on players' experience and feedback.

Outriders is an original IP that could have legs for years should Square Enix and People Can Fly choose to support the title and its playerbase. But the playerbase will need to keep supporting the game if they want to see more of it. Here's hoping that Outriders as it exists right now is Chapter One, because it feels like we're just getting started.

The game’s core mechanics are strong with great animations but things feel a bit inconsistent. This is especially evident in the sound design. On some battles, it feels as if a bunch of kids put ‘pew-pew’ and ‘tew-tew’ fighting sounds in the game. Oddly, factors such as distance did not affect the sound. So, a gatling gun-wielding enemy, who is afar, sounds like he is right in front of me.

The shooting is terrific, at least. All of the guns are punchy, and the way enemies respond to damage is how you’d want it. The typical assortment of guns is on display in Outriders: pistols you’ll never use, assault rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, shotguns, and light machine guns are all accounted for. Unfortunately, there are no flamethrowers, rocket launchers, or BFGs. The game plays like most of the cover-based shooters that were all the rage a decade ago, although its gunplay is up there with the best of them.

Outriders will take the player to the distant future when the colonization of the planet Enoch goes wrong. A mysterious storm called “The Anomaly” wipes out the advanced technology of colonizers and hyper-evolves the local wildlife into ferocious monsters, leading humanity into a war against the planet itself, while they fight for resources and try to prevent their own extinction. Taking command of soldiers known as “Altered," players will gain access to special skills and healing abilities while they uncover the origin of the mysterious storm and try to make Enoch a refuge for humanity.

Overall, Outriders is a fun shooter with a compelling sci-fi story and an entertaining endgame. Sure, it's got technical issues, like the PC/console crossplay gremlins, aiming annoyances, a vanilla sound design and awful sound balancing, terrain glitches, and a lack of in-game comms (an odd choice for a multiplayer game), as well as content issues like class balancing and transmog, which will hopefully all be addressed. The biggest sin is in not making the story campaign, able to be run by solo players, available offline, which compounded the server crush. But those are relatively minor gripes; no deal-breakers on the downside. The upside far outweighs it.

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