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Rocket League did away with loot boxes last week

Last Wednesday, Rocket League did away with loot boxes. You’d think that would be cause for celebration, but developers Psyonix have replaced them with Blueprints that many players consider overpriced.

The short version is that yeah, they are, but it’s more important that this replaces an exploitative model that profits from obsessional gamblers doing themselves serious harm. For the longer version, we need to descend into the murky world of value propositions.

Under the old, familiar system, crates containing random items within a certain group would drop as you played. You’d need to buy keys to unlock them, which worked out to 80p each when bought in bulk. Nowadays, specific blueprints drop as you play, and can be built with Credits, Rocket League’s new in-game currency. Player’s leftover keys have been converted to 100 Credits a pop, or a bit more if players had more than 9 lying around.

The new system drops Blueprints instead of crates, and crafting a Blueprint costs Credits. If you're lucky enough to get a Blueprint for a Black Market item you want, it costs 2,200 Credits to build. At $25 for 3,000 Credits, that's a pricey decal.

It is technically a discount, at least if opening crates had been your primary way of obtaining new items. Unless you were ridiculously lucky, you might've had to spend hundreds of dollars on keys to get a Black Market item in the past, and it wouldn't necessarily have been one you wanted. Spending $20 on keys to open 20 crates for 20 items only feels like a better deal until I look at my mess of an inventory, which is full of duplicates and uninteresting wheels and paint finishes I'll never use.

But back when loot boxes were still around, marketplace websites connected players for trades, and deals could be struck on popular items—sometimes more than $25 for extremely coveted decals, cars, and goal explosions, but sometimes less. Now the market can only adapt to Psyonix's price point. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Rocket League wheels for players.

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