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Rosaria,a 4 star,the only new hero in all of Genshin Impact Update 1.4

Genshin Impact, during the Dragonspine event, introduced a brand new character called Rosaria, and she’s been the talks of several leaks and datamining for months now. However, there are several points we should keep in mind regarding Genshin Impact leaks, especially when related to currently unplayable characters like Rosaria.

According to datamining via the Hu Tao main’s Discord server.

The two banners are supposed to be:

1. Venti, 5 star anemo bow character, returning to a featured banner for the first time since the game launched in September.
2. A featured 5 star from the permanent banner, just like what we had with Keqing, which could be Mona, Diluc, Jean or Qiqi. But new 4 star cryo polearm Rosaria, featured in the Albedo questline, would make her debut there. So this would be our first update without a new 5 star at all.

Some fans are excited to see Venti return because he’s essentially the best crowd control character in the game, and many players may have missed his first banner. The running theory remains that Hu Tao will arrive after Keqing at the tail end of Update 1.3, which would make Rosaria, a 4 star, the only new hero in all of Update 1.4.

Genshin Impact Rosaria skills and abilities
The skills and abilities for Rosaria in Genshin Impact have reportedly been leaked.

These leaked skills and abilities for Rosaria in Genshin Impact have been shared by the community, and she looks to be a very powerful character despite her four stars rarity rating.

All the leaked skills and abilities come courtesy of Honey Hunter World, where she is said to be a four stars Cryo who uses Polearm as her type of weapon.

Her normal attack performs up to five consecutive spear strikes, and her charged attack consumes stamina to lunge forward and deal damage to opponents in her way.

Plunging attack also plunges from mid-air to strike the ground and deal AoE damage upon impact.

Why is Rosaria hinted to be a possible playable character?
But she has been prominent in various data mining leaks in the Genshin Impact gaming community. One factor is her vital role in the story of Albedo, where she was the one responsible for leading players to the then banner character.

She also warned the traveler/player at the end of the quest, stating that a character may arrive soon.

Another reason is her overall design as a character, as most Genshin Impact fans have their views about her visual aspect. They are convinced that her design isn't meant for an NPC but rather intended for a playable state.

Rosaria should be interesting, and I’m curious to see what her kit is like, as she will be the first cryo polearm we have. But 4 stars are almost always less powerful and less sought after than 5 stars, as is the way of gacha.

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