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Athel Loren EU-Destruction 200 Gold USD $ 5.15 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 300 Gold USD $ 7.73 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 500 Gold USD $ 12.88 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 800 Gold USD $ 20.60 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 1000 Gold USD $ 25.75 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 2000 Gold USD $ 51.50 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 3000 Gold USD $ 77.25 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 5000 Gold USD $ 128.75 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 6000 Gold USD $ 154.50 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 8000 Gold USD $ 206.00 10075
Athel Loren EU-Destruction 10000 Gold USD $ 257.50 10075

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Warhammer Online EU
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About Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, which is often abbreviated WAR, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, developed by Mythic Entertainment. It is a relatively new game, released in September of 2008. The game is based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer, a fantasy action figure game. WAR is a great game for any fan of MMO’s, or the game of Warhammer. The game focuses on teamwork, as you are required to join an army, to which you will swear allegiance.

Warhammer Online is a faction based game, where the two main forces, Order and Destruction, are constantly at war. This type of game is called a Realm vs. Realm, or RvR. Each faction contains 3 distinctive armies, making a total of 6 armies to choose from. When you start the game, you will be prompted to choose your race and the army you will swear allegiance to. You will also choose your characters race, gender, and later, his or her job. All of your choices will drastically affect the way you play the game in the future, so choose wisely! You should consider all aspects of the game, and choose for the long-run. What seems cool to you now may be boring in a few months, so as I said, choose carefully.

The first army is “The Greenskins”, who fight for the Destruction faction. The Greenskins are a mix of Goblins and Orcs, and are the only army that contains more than one race. Orcs are huge, ogre-like creatures that are bred for the sole purpose of fighting. While they are not the sharpest tool in the shed, they are a force to be reckoned with, on any battlefield. Goblins, who are considerably smaller than Orcs, are much more intelligent. The Goblins are a cunning, conniving species, but they are also fairly good fighters.

The next army, Chaos, also fight for the Destruction faction. Chaos is less of a race than a religion. Followers of Chaos are bent on destruction of virtually everything in their path. They worship the Gods of fury, decay, and disease. While they are not a friendly bunch, they fight extremely well, and are quite dangerous on the battlefield.

The final army of the Destruction faction is the Dark Elves. The Dark Elves, who were once noble High Elves, are now an evil, destructive race. They worship only one God; Khaine, the Elvin God of war. They regularly enslave weaker races, make sacrifices, and are quite barbaric in general. They are also a force to be reckoned with, with their dark magic and lethal archery skills.

The first army of the Order faction is the Dwarf army. The Dwarfs are ancient rivals and sworn enemies of The Greenskins. Dwarves, unlike their evil counterparts, are very industrious and productive. They produce war machines, and craft the armor and weapons for most of the Order.The second army of the Order faction is the Empire. The Empire is a human based army, and they are by far the largest group in WAR. They are a very orderly, almost conservative group, and they fight with honor. They are intelligent and industrious, and are the main governing force in Warhammer Online. The Empire regulates the Order, and is considered the government.

The second army of the Order faction is the Empire. The Empire is a human based army, and they are by far the largest group in Warhammer Online. They are a very orderly, almost conservative group, and they fight with honor. They are intelligent and industrious, and are the main governing force in Warhammer Online. The Empire regulates the Order, and is considered the government.

The third and final army of the Order is the High Elf army. The High Elves are noble, majestic fighters, who are skilled in ancient magic. They are a great class to choose, as their magic and long-range combat abilities are unmatched by any other army. They are creatures of tradition, which gives them strength, as well as weakens them. They are forced to follow certain traditions, even if it means making sacrifices.

Once you have chosen your army, you must choose a career. There are 22 choices for you, but some will be unavailable due to your characters race and/or gender. There are 4 basic categories of careers in WAR: Tanks, who are heavily armored, and are often sent to the front lines, in order to absorb damage and protect allies, Melee’s, who are less armored than tanks, but are significantly faster and can do more damage, Ranger’s, who stay behind friendly lines and provide support with their ranged attacks, and Healers, who wander around the battlefield, healing wounded allies. The classes can be somewhat flexible. For example, the Healer classes can fight fairly well, even though their main purpose is assisting allies.

After you have chosen your characters race, army, and career, you can customize further by purchasing dyes. Dyes can be used to color armor and accessories. You can also decorate your character with medals, or even the heads of defeated enemies.

As I mentioned, Warhammer Online is a faction based Realm vs. Realm game. However, it is rare that a full out war between Order and Destruction takes place. Usually, it comes down to smaller battles between the blood enemies. The blood enemies are Dwarfs vs. Greenskins, Empire vs. Chaos, and High Elves vs. Dark Elves. However, the armies of one faction are required to assist in battles with the other faction, even if it is not against their blood enemy.

The community of Warhammer Online is very strong. In October, 2008, Mythic announced that there were over 750,000 people actively playing WAR. Warhammer Online is not only a popular game, it also snagged quite a few prestigious awards, and overall great reviews. WAR won X-Play’s Best MMO award, GameSpy’s Best of E3 2008- Top 10 PC games, and many more awards.

Warhammer Online Gold is the currency of WAR. Many people have began selling unwanted gold for real money. This process is called Real World Trading. Most of these transactions take place on online e-commerce sites such as this one

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