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Why Escape From Tarkov Won't Include Playable Women

Battlestate Games' hardcore online shooter Escape From Tarkov hasn't reached its full PC release date yet, but the developer has already announced that it doesn't plan to include any sort of female playable characters into the game. Battlestate has stated two reasons for this decision, including the claim that it would be too much work to create female PCs, though neither of its excuses has gone over well with players who had requested this feature.

The past decade in gaming has seen this problem arise in many different game development studios, excluding female player characters due to the projected workload it would add, and this isn't even Battlestate's first time running into a controversy over it. Comments from the company made in 2016, about Escape From Tarkov's vision of war being too stressful for women and only a place for "hardened men," are now also getting negative attention.

Battlestate Games has since walked back this stance, saying on Twitter that Dyatlov was not a key development figure and his statements were probably misinterpreted anyway. They then went on to say that there will be female non-player characters during story missions in the final version of the game, but that they won’t consider female player characters because of the “huge amount of work needed with animations, gear fitting etc.” In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Escape from Tarkov Dollars For Sale.

There’s no reason why a game has to have female characters. The problem with responses like these is that it highlights a rather uncomfortable mindset about women in war that is much less okay than a simple developmental oversight. And even in cases where casual sexism isn’t the reason the mindset that they’re too much extra work and therefore aren’t even up for consideration still has a nasty ring to it.

Escape From Tarkov is an excellent online experience that both women and men can enjoy in its current state, so its lack of playable female characters shouldn't stop people from wanting to play it.With that being said, the option to play as a female would be highly welcome. However, so would a more thorough justification concerning lore and development concerns if Battlestate Games are going to continue refusing to add playable women.

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