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WoW Classic - Cortello's puzzle

Heroes in Classic WoW (buy now for € 12.99), who are traveling somewhere between levels 40 and 50, love to cavort in Stranglethorn Vale. And in the Stranglethorn Vale, you'll find the starting point of the cool treasure hunt, Cortello's Riddle, which inspired the mystery-crafters of the original WoW among the WoW fans. This is about the following: In the storeroom of one of the Bloodsail Buccaneer ships in the south of the Stranglethorn Vale, you can find a scroll that starts Cortello's puzzle. The quest text tells you where to go next, but that's not obvious at first glance.

If you want to solve the puzzle on your own, we wish you a lot of fun - you will be rewarded with plenty of experience points (at least around 13,000) and a bag with 14 slots. However, if you need help, then below you will find hints and explanations of where to find the next part of the puzzle.

WoW Classic - Cortello's puzzle
You will find the very first scroll aboard Captain Stillwater's ship south of Stranglethorn Vale at coordinates 33/88. For example, you may be embarrassed to visit the ships for Booty Boats Seehorn's The Bloodsail Buccaneers quest, as their captain, Stillwater, Captain Kielhol, and Fleet Master Firallon, are to kill off. Cortello's puzzle may appear at various places aboard Stillwater's ship.

    On the barrels in the storeroom (bottom deck)
    On the floor near the boxes in the storage room (bottom deck)
    In the captain's cabin on the middle deck
    Near the cannons on the middle deck

When you have found the puzzle, you have the following clue to send you on your first little treasure hunt:

A bridge decorated and heavily frequented
Below you will find what you longed for
Some call it hint other tip
It is located east of the canyon gorge and south of the Redridge Mountains
It will be there for infinite time
Weigh yourself out in the marshes of misery forever

This is the bridge in the Vest of the Swamp of Sorrows, where the northern and southern paths divide through the zone (coordinates: 22/28). You have to search under the bridge and look carefully, if, of course, interactive objects in WoW Classic do not "shine" like on the live servers. The slippery roll is also underwater, but all heroes except gnomes in the knee-high river should not risk drowning.

WoW Classic - Cortello's Riddle Part 2
Did you activate the scroll then you read the following text:

In the remote Kalimdor a country is waiting
Hope did not stand the danger there
The weather east of the Barrens is harsh
Dark and death threatens in the Dustwallow march
But in a cave, southwest direction
Is there any hint for anyone who dare the test.

Not surprisingly, you must search for the moldy role on the Kalimdor continent, in the marshes of Dustwallow. The scroll lies on a stone in a Raptorenhöhle in the southwest of the marshes, whose entrance is found at the coordinates 33/46. The raptors you meet there are about level 40 to 42 - and especially dangerous because they spawn relatively quickly. Incidentally, this part of Cortello's puzzle is the only one that really demands your fighting power from you. Go through to the back of the cave where you will find the scroll on a stone (coordinates: 31/66).
WoW Classic - Cortello's Puzzle Part 3

Did you successfully box through the raptor hordes and find the musty scroll? Then you can read the following and final hint:

To Lordaeron! Heavy turmoil raging there
Soldier's courage is rewarded with death
Seek your way through the rebellion there
and your search is over in one place
At the foot of the Great Falls, along the coast in the hinterland
Deep down in the water, take your sweetheart!

You have to go back to the Eastern Kingdoms and into the hinterland. Time to rub on your peacestone in case the stone does not just fade away. On the way to the coordinates 81/47, many enemies of the levels 41 to 48 cross your path, so avoid them if you do not want to fight them. You have to go to the big waterfall on the coast. Underwater you will find there Cortello's treasure: a bunch of experience points and your new 14-slot bag!

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