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WoW Classic Diary of a Hunter - on Barlow Paths

WoW Classic has provided renewed hype for a few weeks - our author Paul Herzog takes this opportunity to take you on his maiden voyage through WoW in 2005. Today's edition is all about the fulfillment of Barlow's "classic hunter stereotype".

WoW Classic takes us to the purist Azeroth of bygone days. It is understood as a renaissance of a style of play, which - so one might believe - the online role-playing game has long been lost. Exploring the darkest dungeons and the most adventurous grottos is a big part of WoW Classic, albeit a full-length one. Finding the right group, accepting the required quests, and taking the usually arduous path - all of this takes time.

A few days ago, two of my friends took me to the Deep Black Grotto, an instance of Kalimdor's Ashenvale. In my diary entry today I would like to let you participate in that run, which will probably go down as one of the most interesting in the history of the participating WoW characters. So much to say: at the end of the day, I was added to the friends list, because "this hunter is also supposed to destroy the first onxyia run for me, I'm sure he'll pull all the puppies."
The "deepest black cave"

"Paul, you confirm the stereotype of a hunter". When Philip made that statement, just four out of five players were dead on the floor, while three of them writhed with laughter on the floor with a pained stomach. The starting point of this situational comedy was probably the third of my (mind unintentionally) indebted wipe.

But his faithful companion also fulfills the role the hunter intended - because "in Attitude Three [ie the aggressive attitude] it behaves like a rabid Mike Tyson on crack". As my faithful companion escaped my otherwise impeccable control in an unattended moment and pursued the enemy minions to the very end of the room, we knew that death is coming - and it will be painful.
The Hunter Freud is the healer's grief

Another unique feature of the classic Barlow hunter are the aggro problems that would result from multiple shots. This should also prove true that evening - because my (un) considered multi-shot activities ("Oh, AOE spells hit again targets that are not already in the fight?") Both tank and healer "two years of their lives as well as a safe bypass "cost".
Does he at least die?

In World of Warcraft (buy now for € 12.99), the punishment usually follows on the heels - but that evening I was spared by her. For instead of "dying like a man," I knew I was leaving the group at the right time to seek my safe abode on the other side of the lake. So while my group faced certain death, I had to bring my hunter performance to perfection.

But karma is such a thing - for though I have been spared the rage of the minions, at the end of the day I still died from my own inability: The water was apparently the greatest challenge.

 Or again to quote Philipp: "Paul, you confirm the stereotype of the hunter."

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