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PC - China 1 100K USD $ 10.00 13084
PC - China 1 200K USD $ 20.00 13084
PC - China 1 300K USD $ 30.00 13084
PC - China 1 400K USD $ 40.00 13084
PC - China 1 500K USD $ 50.00 13084
PC - China 1 600K USD $ 60.00 13084
PC - China 1 700K USD $ 70.00 13084
PC - China 1 800K USD $ 80.00 13084
PC - China 1 9000K USD $ 900.00 13084
PC - China 1 1000K USD $ 100.00 13084
PC - China 1 2000K USD $ 200.00 13084
PC - China 1 5000K USD $ 500.00 13084

Star Seeds is the main currency in Bless Unleashed. Players can use it to do many things, such as quickly traveling to various teleportation points in the game, resurrecting their characters immediately when they are dying, and obtaining all kinds of materials or equipment they want. And when players need to upgrade their own weapons, they usually need a lot of items to complete, and Bless Unleashed Star Seeds is one of the necessities.

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