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Star Conflict has already firmly established itself as one of the best free games in the App Store

After a massive battle in space involving various spaceships and heroes and villains, who cleans up the mess? Well when it comes to space adventure games, we never really think about that since our only objective is to win that battle. But a new game that is finally available for Android devices shows a bit of the “salvage” part and also the fighting that still happens after the battle is over. Star Conflict Heroes is a combat and fleet management sim that you can get from the Google Play Store for free.

The PvE missions of Star Conflict are now divided into two major types:

    UMC Missions are varying PvE scenarios with a scaling difficulty level offered by the in-game Unified Mercenary Center. Completing UMC Missions yields “Insignia”, which can be spent to improve attack and defense of the player’s fleet as well as to unlock new levels of PvE scenarios. The more experience the player gains and the better his fleet becomes, the more difficult and rewarding the PvE scenarios will be.     
    Deadly Challenges are high-difficult, high-yield missions which require a powerful fleet and well-coordinated teamwork. They will offer a challenge even for veteran pilots, so it is well-advised to prepare for them via the new UMC Mission system.

Set in deep space, the game challenges players to expand and improve their space fleet and fly to save the universe. Fans will have to battle against pirates and ferocious invading aliens while fighting for supremacy in the galaxy.

In Star Conflict Heroes, players must alternate tactics and action to get the best of their enemies. From strategic selections of spaceships to the fleet thanks to precise execution during battles. Commanders will also be able to choose from over 30 types of battleships that can be unlocked along with dozens of technologies that can be used to improve their performance.

Star Conflict Heroes, the new mobile Space Action RPG by Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment, is now available on Android! With more than 200.000 organic installs in just 7 days since its release on iOS alone, the game has already firmly established itself as one of the best free games in the App Store. Now, captains on Android can join the thousands of commanders on iOS and start building their own armada to fight and save the universe!

There are two types of currency available in Star Conflict ;Space Credits (SC) and Gold Standards (GS). To enhance your adventure, you are recommended to buy cheap Star Conflict Gold Standards at Our products are offered by real players of Star Conflict, no hack, no cheats, 100% safe! We always audit sellers' reputation and delivery speed, ensuring your buying safety! Star Conflict GS PC/Steam for Sale, choose for secure payments, 24/7 Live Support, fast deliveries!

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