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Rise of Kingdoms now includes the Ottoman Empire

Lilith Games, who joined the gaming industry as a mobile game developer in 2013, has become one of the most popular games with the increasing share of mobile games in the gaming industry. In addition to being a mobile game developer, the Shanghai-based company began to publish the games they developed since 2015 under Lilith Games.

One of the most popular mobile games they publish, Rise of Kingdoms offers players a real-time strategy gaming experience with advanced graphics. Especially with the latest update, including the Ottoman Empire Lilith Games, the game showed that Turkish gamers do not forget.

With more than 10 million downloads worldwide, Rise of Kingdoms offers players the opportunity to play with a total of 11 different civilizations, including the Ottoman Empire. There are also important commanders in the history of these civilizations. If you need Buy Rise of Civilizations Resources, you can visit our site

The commanders, which can be developed with skills like skill tree and skill points, which we are generally familiar with role-playing games, add quite different mechanics to the game. The biggest feature that distinguishes the game from other real-time strategy games is the unlimited unity movements. With this feature, players are free to manage their armies.

Rise of Kingdoms does not tire players with isolated areas or extra battle screens. It gives them a large map just waiting to be discovered, giving them the mountains and rivers to cross. Players on this map are not alone. Players can form alliances and take over various regions on the map divided by these mountains and rivers. The alliances, which hold the resources of the regions they seized, are one step ahead of their competitors. Since this uninsulated open map gives the chance to observe other players, players can observe their opponents and form their future strategies more easily.

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